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Auto-Writing With Your Guides Masterclass


Channel your guides and loved ones or higher self via the practice of auto-writing!

In this 2-part auto-writing masterclass, you'll learn...  

- What auto-writing IS (and isn’t), and how to know if you’re doing it or not

- The benefits of auto-writing, and what you can use it for… you may already be benefitting from it but desire to use it in a new way!

 - How to tune into spiritual guidance from your guides, higher self, source, or loved ones on the Other Side via auto-writing with ease  

 - What auto-writing is and how you can access your own infinite wisdom during it  

 - How to NEVER feel writer's block again because you're tuned in, tapped in, and turned on

 - How to use auto-writing to tap into INSTANT INTUITIVE WISDOM so you feel confident and supported in your day-to-day life  

 - Guided meditations and practices to support your channeling of spiritual wisdom from the other side via this unique technique  

 - How to create a regular auto-writing practice that supports you and helps you connect with ease.

Note: If you haven't taken the Channeling Masterclass first, that would be a GREAT place to begin! You can sign up for more channeling practices in the Open to Channel Masterclass area HERE.



1. Purchase.

2. Happy dance! Grab a pen and notebook.

3. When you purchase, you'll receive a recording of a previously run live masterclass. This will open RIGHT AWAY in your browser. I highly recommend that you SAVE THE LINK by bookmarking it after you purchase, especially if you can't watch it immediately, or want to watch  more than once!

4. If you want further guidance or private coaching on auto writing or intuition, book a 1:1 private session by ADDING it on :) Or purchase it here: 



Ready to channel your guides and loved ones, and have the answers and guidance you CRAVE? This 90-minute LIVE masterclass will help you learn how to be open to channel! 

You're thinking... "I know I have this gift and I feel CALLED to it... But how do I do this, and how do I TRUST it?"

I've been there. I know you have this KNOWING. You KNOW that you're meant for this, and you are waking up big time to the "other side" and to your Soul's Calling to connect with yourself  and the spiritual world in a wholllleeee new way.

But you've got questions, right? And you need a tight space, a mentor, and your peeps by your side! 

  • How do you open yourself up safely?

  • Is there a "right way" to channel?

  • How do I connect with my guides? 

  • How do I connect with my loved ones?

  • How do I know I'm getting the messages clearly?

  • How do I open up, and then close off?

  • Is there a "safe" way to channel?

  • Will spirits or beings I don't know come calling? 

  • How do I set boundaries with the spiritual world once I'm Open to Channel?

In this 2-part masterclass, I'll teach you HOW to channel, and how to release Fears and Doubts with your gifts so you can step into your POWER. You'll be able to learn different techniques, and how to know and trust that you're actually channeling. (P.S. you are ALWAYS channeling.)

My Guides, The A Team, will also join us to share their own spiritual 360 inside out view of channeling and how it can help the world. 



After you purchase, two sessions will be delivered to your inbox AND will open right away in your browser.

*After you purchase, CHECK YOUR EMAIL AND INBOX. The link to watch will open right away so make sure you save the page that opens in your browser!