Everyday Intuition

transforming fear into faith by trusting yourself, strengthening your intuition, and working with your spiritual guides

An 8-Week Online Course Awakening Womxn!



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but it can also make you feel a little bit crazy.

We know because we’ve gone through the awakenings

and have mentored women like you, too.

Watch this quick video to learn more about the Everyday Intuition Course.

And meet us, your spiritual mentors, Allie + Marley!

Let me guess? You might…

  • Just Know that your mom wants to talk, and then call her to find out she was JUST about to call you!

  • Get tired of knowing things and having no one listen to you.

  • Have hired mediums or psychics before and know you believe in alllll of this… but need help using it or not being overwhelmed by it.

  • Have visions, a knowing, or dreams about things that end up coming true.

  • Have weird sensations going on - like tingling down your spine, a sudden warm, protected feeling, or a buzzing in your body that almost feels like nerves… only to have it leave as quickly as it came.

  • Wish you could channel your spiritual guides or loved ones really clearly, but don’t trust it when you give it a try.

  • Feel ALLLLL of the things - your boyfriend’s enthusiasm about his new work project, your neighbor’s sadness about her dog passing away, your kid’s fear about going to a new school, or the excitement of a group of people watching a football game!… which can make life SO FREAKING SWEET! And also so exhausting and confusing.

  • Want to help evvvvverybody, which is a gift… but may make you have some boundary issues making you feel burned out… or totally isolated.

  • Pick up information that you “logically” couldn’t have known about, but somehow… you “just know”! Which is fantastic! And also… maybe makes you feel weird like you’re breaching people’s privacy.

  • Know you have intuitive insights and downloads, but don’t know if it’s truly intuition… or just your ego talkin’.

  • Struggle to trust your own ideas, beliefs, thoughts, or wisdom.

  • Compromise your own boundaries or end up isolating yourself because of how much you feel and sense… a lot.

  • Obsessively look for signs and notice synchronicites, and wonder what they all mean or how to interpret them.

  • Have amazing soundbites of information drop in out of nowhere, or get random strong pulls to just do something… but not trust it or wonder where the heck it came from.

  • Know SO MUCH and FEEL so many emotions, that you can’t explain.

  • Crave support from your spiritual guides, but not know how to tune into them or trust the messages you receive.

  • Feel the presence of your friend who passed away, which is SO sweet, and so emotional and a little weird?!

  • Catch a glimpse of someone to your right … only to see no one there.

  • Swear that you heard your great grandma who died years ago telling you to put on that cute red dress today… And aren’t sure what to do.

  • Go out to a store and suddenly hear his deceased parent’s messages for him and not know what to do about it!

  • See, hear, sense and even smell or taste things that other people can’t! It’s exciting, and also… overwhelming!



You’re scouring google for info on intuition and the afterlife, checking on angel numbers allllll day, hanging out in some pretty woo facebook groups, reading everything you can on the spiritual world, and wish you could talk with people about what’s up but you’d just sponge up their energy…





You’re intuitive + wise!






Awakening your intuition and learning to channel guidance

is like tapping into the Universe’s infinite wisdom.

When you trust + live from that loving, creative, amazing place…

things get really good!

With steady mentorship, consistent FUN intuitive adventures, and a sisterhood of women who GET YOU, you can experience amazing things that you can’t even imagine yet! Here are some things our clients and previous students have experienced.

You can begin to…

  • Heighten your clairs, open your spiritual spidey senses, and learn how to discern what’s spirit and what’s ego.

  • Enjoy living your life from a place of higher perspective, clarity, ease and love for life.

  • Live with a more loving outlook on life

  • Attract more of what you WANT in your lifeand less of what you don’t.

  • Step into an amazing flow that just feels SO DAMN GOOD… instead of forcing, questioning and controlling errrrything (which doesn’t work anyways.)

  • Stop questioning and second-guessing yourself, and start trusting and listening the wisdom within you

  • Step into a higher purpose and create from CALLING, instead of living in fear of rejection

  • Do things you used to be afraid to! Move to Bali, write that book you’ve been dreaming of, say hey to that guy who ends up being your future hubby, or jump into that new business venture that takes off with rapid fire!

  • Release old wounds, and begin to rise and THRIVE!

  • Wake up with a new sense of wonder, enthusiasm and sweet sweet freedom - even if you don’t have a CLUE what’s coming that day!

  • Hear your own intuition and inner guidance ALL. THE. TIMEand actually trust it and follow it!

  • Feel lit up, happy, creative, free all the time - instead of getting stuck in worry, anxiety, and everyone else’s emotional ish. #empathmuch?

  • Have a life full of new and fantastic experiences with spiritual guides and mentors on the “other side” who are just WAITING to help you evolve and thrive on your journey!

  • Stop living in fear and old programming, and start flying with faith and freedom because you’re backed by your spirit squad.

  • Live a life that lights you up + follow your inner wisdom in a way that is kind and caring… instead of listening to everyone else but yourself.

  • Continue to have relationships with your loved ones who’ve passed on, and begin to feel their presence and hear their words of wisdom (or their jokes!) everyday.

  • Create clear boundaries that allow you to compassionately honor the paths and choices of others, while honoring and taking your own path.

  • Channel your spiritual guides - those all-loving amazingly infinitely wise beings “up there” - and have guidance available 24/7 for every area of your life

  • Open doors to new possibilities in your spiritual gifts, friendships, health, relationships and love life.


Do you want that and more, with women by your side who get you?

Our program and community is waiting for you! We kick off the 8-week experience the last week in October, 2019.

>> P.S. Are you a little farther on your intuitive development journey?

Do you already have the direct line to your guides and loved ones? Looking to expand your gifts and get more 1:1 support with creating from calling?

Check out the Mastermind + Retreat instead! CLICK HERE

 develop your gifts

and learn how to use them

Come play in the 8-week workshop experience for women who are waking up to higher purpose, intuitive wisdom and spiritual gifts!


take it up a notch

In this tight-knit community, we will connect on 8 LIVE Video Weekly Workshops filled with lessons, spiritual practices, discussions + q+a’s.

Plus, you’ll have an online private group to connect and continue chatting and learning!

Here’s what’s we’ll focus on!


Intuitive expansion + self trust

  • FUN and exciting ways to experiment with your own intuition!

  • You got a HUGE download… but then you second guess it… is it intuition or just your imagination? Let’s sort it out!

  • How to hear + use your intuition allllll day errrryyyyyday for flow and ease

  • Exact practices we use to ensure we are getting the higher perspective… not the ego’s ish.

  • End the doubting and second-guessing. Finally TRUST more of your intuitive insights, visions, messages, and gut instincts on where to go and what to do or say

  • Know how and when to act on intuitive instincts versus avoiding what may be fear

  • Understanding Pre-Cognizance + Future Visions (the ability to know what’s coming before it comes).

  • Emotional Balance: you’ll sometimes know what’s to come, and must balance it with ENJOYING where you are

  • Trust your own wisdom or guidance, and knowing when to allow the guidance of others in

  • Daily Meditations + Ways to Track your insights

channeling like a champ

  • Ways to connect with spirit and loved ones and bring their messages through in a full dialogue or clear message for yourself or others

  • Auto-Writing 101: channeling spiritual messages, source wisdom, or new innovative ideas/insights via writing

  • Channel to create, innovate, write, speak and receive guidance… and even DELIVER guidance without pause.

  • Knowing how to clearly channel in readings or in your everyday life, while respecting boundaries

  • Channeling for supportive guidance and wisdom from your own higher self and spiritual squad of guides + teachers

  • The different types of channeling explained

  • Channeling experiments with the group; you get to practice with us on the calls and at the optional in person at the retreat!

tuning into your spiritual guides + loved ones

  • Sensations, Feelings + Signs your loved ones or a deceased spirit is trying to chat (and ways to say no)

  • Remove blocks and fears of connecting to spiritual guides + loved ones so you can always channel and have that magical support system there 24/7 (It’s all love and light up there!)

  • Discerning what’s a message from a loved one… versus a thought in your mind

  • Downloading ideas, receiving support and higher perspective, while keeping life full of surprises!

  • Working with a Gatekeeper: Creating boundaries around your spiritual connection

  • Open up your 6th sense for richer experiences and to enhance connection to spirit

  • Keep relationships alive with those who’ve passed, and receiving their signs messages without doubt or fear

  • Create healthy, enriching practices you can use daily to tune int and listen to your own inner voice and spiritual guides

  • Practices to open and clarify your connection in a beautiful way that feels easy, fun, loving, and supportive

empathic energy management

  • Know what’s “yours” versus “someone else’s”, and how to leave a connection without feeling the guilt of it

  • Understanding allll the feelings + spirit sensations! (It’s not always what you think!)

  • Anti-Anxiety practices + ways to understand the buzzzzzing energy you feel as an intuitive channeler

  • Open your energy to others, and learning how to set up some boundaries

  • Meditation, Movement, Managing your Energy, and fueling up from your own source

  • Open and closing your doors with a spiritual gatekeeper’s help

  • Using your empathic skills to support your growth and the happiness of others!

  • Learning how to lead an amazing life out in the world, without being a sponge for #allllloftheemotions

Coming out of the spiritual closet

  • Stepping into your authenticity in loving ways, and knowing how to SHARE your intuitive insights, gifts and messages with people around you in ways that feel safe and good for you AND them

  • Compassion and Caring: Listen with love, while to allowing others to make their own choices

  • Communicate without Convincing: addressing fears or questions about your gifts/beliefs from people you love

  • Sharing who you are with the world around you in ways that feel good

  • Finding your Soul Fam of people who are “like you”, and opening your heart to them

  • Leading with authenticity and loving being who you are (all of you!)

Photo by Clarisse Meyer  https://unsplash.com/photos/LxeMu7V0-mQ

what's included


Over 8 weeks, you’ll be able to engage in the following!

  • LIVE Weekly Workshops filled with lessons, information, practice periods, and group discussions + Q+A

    • We are off the week of Christmas and the week of Thanksgiving, making this a 10 week experience, with 8 weekly calls.

  • 4 LIVE Channelings with the Allie + the A Team (Allie’s Spiritual Guides) in our private facebook community

  • Private Facebook Community to continue discussions, ask questions, and get to know each other!

  • Intuitive Evidence Journal to help you connect, channel, and keep track of your messages, signs, experiences and more!

  • 2 Bonus Masterclasses from Marley on energy work and EFT/NLP practices!

This goes beyond workshops!

we’re giving you new spiritual PRACTICES

and daily experiments to use with the group + at home!

image: pixabay
  • Intuitive Everyday Experiments and Adventures for you to practice tuning in out in the REAL world! As assigned weekly…

  • Meditation (sitting, and MOVING) for channeling, connection, grounding, moving energy, and enhancing clarity

  • Mindset practices to help you overcome fears and step into flow as your gifts open

  • Journaling and Auto-Writing Techniques for receiving messages and intuitive wisdom

  • EFT + NLP Practices to support your clear and fear-free connection to your intuition and wisdom!

  • Energy Management and Energy Work practices to support your empathic self

  • Breathwork + Chanting to create a clear channeling ability that anyone can use!

You are wise, wonderful, and ready to thrive.

when you trust what you know and go with the flow…

Things get GOOD.


If you’re diggin’ this, sign up below!

P.S. If you’re ready for an enhanced and advanced level of practice with your gifts and intuition and crave a smaller community and in-person retreat experience… CHECK OUT THE Mastermind + Retreat, too!


WE cannot WAIT to see what unfolds for you!

Join everyday intuition

8-week online adventure


The adventure begins October 30!

Exact group call + retreat dates to be decided as a group.


 The Investment

*This live online course, mentorship, and all bonus materials are valued at over $4,000.

But you get it for only $697 when you pay in full.

*Generous payment plans are available!


(save over $60)


2 monthly payments of $380 US


3 monthly payments of $255 US

*This is not a replacement for professional mental health, medical, legal or financial services. We are not professionals in any of those areas and are acting as guides and teachers only. Any actions you take (or inactions) are your own responsibility. By purchasing the course, you are agreeing to this understanding.

Here’s what many of our clients have said . . .



Welcome! We’re Marley and Allie!

We’re psychic mediums, energy works, and natural born intuitives…

As are you!

Allie - previous retreat

Several years ago before we even knew each other as friends, we found ourselves overwhelmed, controlling, stressing a lot and wondering if there was a better way. We’d been taught to always have our hands on the wheel, figuring it all out, planning it out, and doing whatever we were told to do. 

We wanted to do things “right” Get the right job. Be the perfect partner. The perfect parent. Do the “right” things and get the “right house” or “right degree”. Date the “right guys”, and look at the “right way”.

We checked the boxes and did the things we were “supposed to do”.... Or so we thought.  But as much as we tried to ignore that inner voice that told us to do things differently…. It didn’t work.

It only made us unhappy, sick, and searching for a better way.

We each began  to sense there was “something more” to life!


Our intuition came knocking in unique ways, and soon we followed our breadcrumb trail back to who we were before we stopped ignoring our own inner voice. And before we knew it, we began feeling the flow again.

The flow allowed us to find various teachers, psychics, mediums, channelers to guide us and learn from.

It guided us to books, meditation, energy work, channeled videos, courses, cacao ceremonies, herbalism, wisdom about life after death, and lots of new practices our former “safe” selves would never have entertained!

It just felt right.
It didn’t feel like new information, like we were learning anything…

It felt like we were remembering!


Continuing to trust, to practice deepening and using our gifts allowed all of those things allowed us to become clear channels, intuitives, spiritual teachers and full blown mediums. 

Now we talk with spirit daily, work with energy in many forms, channel clear as a bell, and have a plethora of exciting, helpful, and seriously hilarious experiences we’d love to share with you!

Because working with your intuition is FUN!

Our lives changed, business changed and evolved, relationships changed, the way Allie shows up as a parent to her son changed… everything changed. 

Because we changed.

And there was no going back.


After deepening our gifts and working with many many women and men over the years who needed our support and guidance, we asked ourselves…

  1. What did I need most during my awakening?

  2. What do people need that we can help them with that feels really natural for us

  3. How are we to USE these gifts?

  4. How can we HELP?

The answer was clear:

  • Trust your intuitive guidance, even if it challenges you and changes your life.

  • Stay the path, and go with the flow.

  • Support others who need your wisdom and support.

  • Continue to expand your relationships and communities.

  • Teach others who are searching or asking to learn about ways to create a better world through wisdom, connection, and spiritual gifts.

  • Help them learn to hear their own inner knowing again.

  • Create harmony, spread love, and know that your love will love you back.

Now we’re both spiritual and intuitive guides + teachers. Allie and Marley have each been doing this work through live channelings + online videos, teaching courses, running retreats, facilitating masterminds, podcasting, working with clients and students privately, and even running workshops or hosting ceremonies and gatherings!

And we both enjoy using intuition + spiritual guidance in our everyday lives!

That’s why we created this Everyday Intuition Experience and the high-level Mastermind + Retreat.

It’s filled with things you can use and apply for the rest of your life.

These aren’t just students and classmates.

They're women who GET YOU and want to support you and stay connected to you for years to come.

We cannot wait to see what unfolds for you!


P.S. Are you a little more adventurous and openly intuitive? Do you already channel and connect with spirit? are you looking for more depth, to open new gifts, and to create from calling with your abilities? do you want more support and sisterhood on your journey + a little more private mentorship?

The VIP Mastermind + Retreat may be for you!

Click here to learn more!

Got questions?



Got questions ?Before you book a quick call, read below.

Still need info?

Chat with us!

When will this course take place?

We’ll begin around October 30. Exact dates + meeting times to be decided as a group. We’ll vote on it and will pick times that work best for the group. The course will run for approximately 10 weeks because we’ll 1 week off for Thanksgiving an 1 week off for Christmas.

When will the live calls be?

We’ll decide that as a group. We’ll pick a time that works for as many people as possible.

What if I can’t attend the live calls?

We’ll do our best to record each call and make the replay available to you promptly. If you have specific questions, submit your questions ahead of the call time and we’ll address them!

Will you host this again?

Probably! We always just follow the flow of Spirit. But if it’s calling to you now, we encourage you to hop on in now!

Do you offer refunds?

Nope! If you’re in, you’re in.

What if I’ve already taken a course in Reiki / mediumship / etc?

Great! If you’re seeking to hone other intuitive skills and to bolster your confidence, then this 8 week course is for you.

If you already feel fairly set with your intuition, but are seeking to bring your life + intuitive skills to the next level, you’d be a great fit for either this 8 week course or our sisterhood mastermind + retreat. Learn more about it here.

We recommend that you read both course/mastermind descriptions and feel into what would be best for you! Got questions? Book a call with us and we can help you decide which option would be best.

Can I start offering paid readings / sessions after this course?

Totally! If that’s what you’re excited to do, do it!

Is there a certification?

No, we are not offering certification (though we might in the future). While certifications can be helpful for both practitioners and consumers, you don’t need a piece of paper to tell you that you’re psychic! What is most important is that you’ve practiced, you do your inner work, and you commit to practicing ethically.

I am transgender and identify as a womxn; can I join? Will I be welcome here?

Of. Fucking. Course! We can’t wait to have you here, wise one!

Can I talk to you before signing up?
Yep! Schedule a connection call with one or both of us so you can get a feel for our energy + presence.

jump on in!

We can’t wait for you to join us and the group of amazingly wise and intuitive women!



We start October 30!