Trust what you know and go with the flow.

This is an adventure in opening your gifts, awakening to the beauty that is life, and enjoying the adventure because you finally have the foundation you need to do so:



We kick off the week of June 18, 2018! 

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If you’re here, you feel it: that burn, that ache, that nudge, that inkling, that loving voice inside of you - pointing you here.

Is it imagination, or intuition?

Is it a message, or is it all in my mind?

Does any this sound familiar?

  • You see, hear, sense, or even smell things that others can’t, but you second guess if it’s your imagination or a message from someone in the afterlife. 
  • You know things before they happen, or you know that they’re possible, but you’re afraid of telling anyone.
  • You love yourself fully but you don’t always feel that love.
  • You are so ready to see life unfolding perfectly and to understand and trust the whole party that is wild and freely being YOU!
  • You know things, but you doubt your own Knowing.
  • You’re constantly seeking because you think the answers are outside of you.
  • You know you have a voice and a choice to be this wildly wise and intuitively tuned in loving person… but you don't feel that freedom to speak or act upon what you know.
  • You wish you had a direct line to your higher self or your spiritual team.

Awakenings are beautiful.

But they can leave you wondering what's real...

and what's not.

You are meant for something more and you know that you’re ready to live in love, faith, and freedom.


  • You are ready to open up to Source and Spirit, to KNOW what's really a message or an intuitive download that you can TRUST.
  • You’re so ready to stop seeking, doubting, separating, and letting others tell you who you are. You’re done people pleasing, and feeling guilty for being who you are, and you’re ready to light up the stars because you know you ARE one with them.
  • You are ready to start trusting, knowing, loving, and walking in faith and freedom.
  • You are ready for collaboration, cultivation, creation and conscious communication, and 


It’s time to listen to the quiet voice within.

listen to the voice of love, and act from that place.

Trust is the key that helps the connection between worlds develop.

That’s what Infinitely Wise Woman is all about.

The Party Starts The week of June 18, 2018! 

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This is about trust.

In trust we are able to live freely and love the adventure.


This experience is designed to help you…

  • Heighten your connection to spirit, help you develop your gifts, and most of all: connect you to your inner Source of limitlessness and eternal love.
  • Leave the boxes, rules, conditions, and fears that keep you in them in the dust.
  • Act upon your inner knowing and love the journey more and more
  • Feel the collective consciousness and oneness that is our Truth, by giving you a community to do it together along with a spiritual support system in the non-physical realms
  • open the doors to self love and spiritual support
  • Say FUCK YES to the wild, adventure of peace and joy that awaits you when you walk in faith
  • Get crystal clear about what you need to do, where you need to go, what you need to say and to whom… and trust the timing of it all.
  • Honor your unique gifts, path, and desires with a group who are doing the same

Will you develop your spiritual gifts in this experience?


Infinitely Wise Wo+Man isn’t just about learning to develop spiritual gifts - though we WILL cover many of them according to what you need - heightening intuition, channeling, telepathy, empathic-ness, the claires, auto-writing with spirit, bi-location, astro-travel, and more!


This is truly an experience in Trusting yourself.

Because if you don't trust YOU, you won't trust your guides, the messages, the signs, the nudges...

And we want you to love the journey.



When we trust ourselves we Feel Alive Again!


here's what happens...


Your Intuition, Discernment, and Gifts Go Wild!

We unlock spiritual gifts and use them for GOOD, and we trust our Calling in life!

We know what to do, where to go, what to say, and to whom. Hello, Intuition!

We trust the timing of things and love the experiences we have had and continue to have.

We get our flow-jo back!

We feel the flow of life and follow the path of love.

We feel love for ourselves and others inside and out.

WE create with joy and act from inner truth, creating what we’ve always been called to without hesitation or doubt.



You Ignite Your Passions + Support Change For Good

We awaken our passions and pursue what makes us happy and what will serve ourselves AND others at the same time. This is the new way of living, thriving, and living coming to form in a creative opportunity.

Our relationships with life, ourselves, others, and the entire universe deepen and transform into beautiful experiences of love.

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself and Life again?

Can you imagine jumping out of bed in the morning, excited for the surprises and adventures on the way?

or saying "thank you!" as your head hits the pillow at night?

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Join Us for 4 Months to unleash your truest self!

To enhance the experience, you'll be warmly welcomed upon sign up into our existing community, and then starting mid-june, expect...

Live IWW Video Calls

The community will meet the 1st 3 weeks of the month via Zoom video chat where we'll..

 - Share a live channeling from the A Team with the lesson of the week

 - Have the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences with each other, and talk about what you desire to have happen

 - Tools, Tips, Exercises, Guided meditation, Experiments, Activities and More for you to try on your own time will also be shared

*Call dates and times, TBA. I will have all members VOTE on them before the program kicks off so that we find what works for everyone. This is YOUR adventure. I'll make it work for you!

Spiritual Support System

 - Exclusive IWW Facebook Community providing a loving ecosystem and safe container for you to ask questions, share insights and epiphanies, talk and laugh and support each other

 - Safe container and community discussions around having conscious conversations with those you love as you come out of the spiritual closet, express yourself out in the world, and begin to share your unique gifts (when YOU are ready!).

 - Intros to your own Spiritual Guides if you would like that during the calls 

A high vibe, safe space where you get to share your experiences, connect, ask questions, and get to know each other in between our calls.

Action Steps, Practice Sessions, and Experiments!

This isn't a program just teaching you in theory; you get to PRACTICE everything we discuss. We'll share recommended intuition and spiritual connection experiments for you to help you move through your journey with ease and flow.

 - Practice sessions and Experiments to tap into your intuition, use your gifts, and strengthen your trust in yourself as your loving path unfolds perfectly for YOU

 - Journaling prompts in a beautifully designed, printable workbook with prompts and steps for you to use on your own time as you go through the course

Plus, it is WAY more fun to PLAY!


1. 4 Months in the Intuitive Soul Collective Membership Tribe INCLUDED from the date you sign up through the end of the IWW program!

2. Meditations for Massive Momentum and Intuitive Income - my bundle made just for YOU!

Early Bird Pricing ends June 1 @ 10pm ET!

California, California, Here We Come!...

There’s a VIP Retreat Experience?!


HERO 1_Capitola Beach_shutterstock_271515587_Web72DPI.jpg

oh hell yeah!

3-Day Retreat in Santa Cruz, CA with the other VIP members

September, 2018

Join your spiritual sisters for hugs, laughs, channeling, Growing Your Gifts, and fun in the sun

We will meet at a beautiful house in Santa Cruz, near the beach, the Redwoods and Mount Shasta in northern California for some fun in the sun, connection, laughs, and deep development of our unique gifts. But most of all? The energy of this location is insanely high, and bringing women together in person is an exceptionally powerful experience for deepening trust, freedom, and flow.

VIP IWW Retreat Experience includes...

  • Channeling practice sessions to deepen your skills, amazing action steps brainstorms, group meditation
  • Adventures to include group beach time, and easy flowing activities to help you feel comfortable in your body with light movement throughout the day
  • Time intentionally set for practicing your craft, and honoring your solo needs.
  • Rest and Rejuvenation in a spacious location. 
  • 1:1 time if available - depending on retreat flow and needs of the group
  • Activities will be planned as a group with loving intention to get you all out of your comfort zones a bit, and into your surroundings so you can practice tuning in in unique environments
  • Lots of Laughs, Deep Discussions, and HUGS IN PERSON!

Plus each VIP member will have 2 Bonus 1:1 calls with me to use anytime during the IWW experience.

*Only 4 VIP Retreat spots Left!*


*Dates for the retreat will be voted on after all members have joined, so that we find dates in September that work for ALL VIP members!

*Accommodations for 3 nights and 2 meals per day will be included, along with any group activities. Extra food and snacks will not be provided. Flights and travel to/from the accommodations will NOT be included in your payments so plan to pay for those separately.


I Am So Excited That You Are Ready To Come On This Adventure!


The generous payment plans are listed below. If you need to reach out and talk through the options with Allison, please email me at or PM me on Facebook.


Regular Membership

*Includes everything listed in regular section above (Does Not include VIP).

Unlimited Spots Available

Pay In Full: $1,597 US



3 Payments: $575 US/month


4 Monthly Payments: $440 US/month


6 Monthly Payments: $297 US/month

2018-04-07 13.39.50.jpg

VIP Membership

*Includes Retreat and everything listed in VIP section above.

Only 4 VIP spots left!

Pay In Full: $2,997 US



Down Payment of $997 + 3 Payments of $697 US/month


Down Payment of $997 + 4 Monthly Payments of $530 US/month


Down Payment of $997 + 6 Monthly Payments of $375 US/month

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Hey! I'm Allie! I'm the creator and facilitator of the Infinitely Wise Woman Experience!

I can't wait to welcome you into the family! If you are not familiar with me - I'm a clear conduit channel, medium, spiritual teacher, and collaborator as well as the founder of Intuitive Soul Collective. The Infinitely Wise Woman experience was born because I wanted more than anything to have women and men around me that understood what I was experiencing when I went through my spiritual awakening. It changed EVERYTHING - the way I parent, the way I speak (way more consciously, thank god!), the way I think about relationships, money, business (yes, I'm a coach and business owner), the way I live and speak and move through the world... 

I feel SO GOOD.

Even when I don't, I appreciate having my spiritual and human families with me, so I can love on them, and they can love on me.

I follow and trust my intuition way more now, which has allowed me freedom to create income and impact on my own terms while exploring the spiritual gifts that got me #wokeAF. My business has evolved, and I am finally doing things like traveling, taking spontaneous trips, enjoying the everyday life of hikes and outdoor adventures in parenting and just BEING me.

12081510_10100322749409602_385433734_n copy.jpg

I'm finally feeling in flow, without attaching SO MUCH to outcomes, to income, to security, to what I thought was safety.

In this experience, my guides and teachers in the non-physical - The A Team - will come through me to teach and to offer their wit and wisdom - and they LOVE to laugh and have fun! You'll learn from me, from them, from the women in the group's previous round, and we cannot wait to meet you!

If you've got questions, email me at or PM me on Facebook. 

Before you go, let me offer you something:

TRUST IS KEY in this journey, and having people around you to support you, and for you to practice exercising your trust muscle is vital.

Laughter is so important, and this group experience will give you all of the opportunity to have FUN and play with your intuition, your gifts, and your hopefully hilarious experiences! I can't wait to share more with you!



2018-05-21 17.38.47.jpg

So, Wise One, Can You Imagine...

  • Knowing where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom and when to do it.... And  feeling AMAZING because of it?
  • Leading your won love revolution inside and out?
  • Developing spiritual tools at your own pace, in your own way?
  • Trusting yourself, your life, your gifts and everything around you
  • Ending the start-stop motion and endless hamster wheel dramas, and getting in the flow and trusting what you know?
  • Creating more income and impact because you're not holding back anymore?
  • Having a spiritual sister and brother hood of friends and family who love you and YOU get to love on them too?
  • Feeling like you are finally loving the amazing adventure that is life, because you know you're right on time and ready for the next step
  • Feeling secure, confident, clear, and trusting of yourself, your intuition, your decisions, your Knowing, your gifts, your messages, and your LIFE
  • Transforming from fearful and doubtful to kick ass confident and in flow at all times
  • Creating and Channeling like a BADASS?
  • Finally taking action and following through on your intuitive ideas and callings?
  • Living a rich and fulfilling life filled with adventure, ease, joy and freedom?
  • Unconditionally loving yourself and trusting yourself?
  • Calling in spiritual support when you want it, and unlocking amazing wisdom and gifts?



That's what Infinitely Wise Woman is all about.

It's your time, and you're ready for the next adventure.



A Note From One Of Our Previous Members:

What Infinitely Wise Woman Is To Her.

Screenshot 2018-05-21 21.18.43.png

It can be scary... Letting go of judgements. Letting go of expectations. Letting go of the person we thought we were. Letting go of the person we thought we had to be. Letting your heartfelt intuition lead instead of your head. Feeling like you’re always behind or not as good.

Sometimes we trap ourselves inside of an open cage.

We get in our own way of our own freedom.

And the ironic thing?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

When we learn to take our hands off of the steering wheel and know that we can’t get it wrong, that’s when freedom and magic come together.

But sometimes trusting isn’t enough either. Those doubts creep in and have us second guessing everything. Fear rears it’s ugly head and convinces us that we aren’t enough, it isn’t possible.

That’s why you need a support system.

People who have been there too, and are going through the same thing. You see, we all have different paths, but that doesn’t mean that our journeys have to be done alone.

We were put here to love, to collaborate, to encourage. 

Nobody is meant to do life on their own.

That’s what IWW is all about.

We join hands, we inspire, we encourage, and we love on you... so fucking hard it may very well bring you to tears... good tears of course.

Society has taught you it has to be hard. IWW teaches you to let that shit go and let it be easy. No matter what you are looking for right now, you need support more than anything else.

I see you. We see you.

Let’s do this TOGETHER.


 - Brittany Novak Kimmel

Heart Centered Creator, Human Design Diva, Writer, & IWW Member

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