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LIVE Masterclass

Auto Writing w/Spirit

Channel your guides, loved ones or higher self via the practice of auto-writing!

*Recording available

What is auto-writing? It’s a practice of channeing your innate wisdom, spiritual guidance, higher self, and tuning into that “something greater” that is the Universe. Through auto-writing, your mind and thoughts step out of the way so you can tune in to higher consciousness for clarity, direction, guidance, and creativity.

Many authors, song writers, artists, creatives, innovators, inventors, investors, and spiritual teachers use the methods of channeling through many mediums to access this higher wisdom for wealth, health, happiness, spiritual support, and greater breakthroughs. You can also tune into other beings (yep, spirits, loved ones who crossed over, god), spirit guides, frequencies, or collectives.

In face, auto-writing, is a very loving and creative process in which you tune into something that feels more and more abundant, prosperous, creative, loving and true than your own thoughts!

I’ve used this practice for several years now to receive guidance and have conversations with loved ones and support myself, and others, in our growth inside and out. This practice keeps my spiritual sense open, my business thriving, and my creative juices flowing, and I want to teach it to you!

Join us for $55 US!

In this LIVE masterclass you'll learn...  

 - How to tune into spiritual guidance from your guides, higher self, source, or loved ones on the Other Side via auto-writing with ease  

 - What auto-writing is and how you can access your own infinite wisdom during it  

 - How to NEVER feel writer's block again because you're tuned in, tapped in, and turned on

 - How to use auto-writing to tap into INSTANT INTUITIVE WISDOM so you feel confident and supported in your day-to-day life  

 - Guided meditations and practices to support your channeling of spiritual wisdom from the other side via this unique technique  

 - How to create a regular auto-writing practice that supports you and helps you connect with ease and grace  

Sound like just what you've been wanting?

Come play!



Note: If you haven't taken the Channeling Masterclass first, that would be a GREAT place to begin! You can sign up for more channeling practices in the Open to Channel Masterclass area HERE:


I will record and share the recording link with you so you can come back and watch it any time.

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