A 4-month heart-centered sisterhood + retreat experience

create from calling, collaborate with other amazingly intuitive women like you, and explore your spiritual gifts!



You’re intuitiveAF!

You channel, chat with spiritual guides, and/or are a badass coach, psychic or healer.

You know these gifts are freaking amazing.


But you also want to have an amazing life.

This is a time of massive transformation and ascension into higher purpose.

Life is exciting, and wildly fun because it’s all changing so rapidly.

YOU are changing rapidly.

And we are here for it!

Watch the below video to get a quick snapshot of the Mastermind and learn more from us!


Even though you’re a badass…

maybe you have some “weak spots”.

We all do!


You know, they’re those areas of your life where you KNOW what’s right, but you ignore or question your intuition or guidance? Areas where you feel really insecure and unsure of what to do, or you know what to do, and you know what’s up… but you shut it down and end up hurt or staying small.

  • relationships and love life

  • money fears and issues around finances in your business

  • bringing a bigger vision to life - and being cool with where you are today

  • worrying your “manifesting wrong” or “blocking” things you want to come (or attracting things you don’t want…)

  • family issues and old programming that holds you back or keeps you staying small

  • health and wellness crises that you feel like you SHOULD have figured out by now

  • wanting to create, write a book, lead a new life, start a movement… but holding back on it

  • social life + being yourself with people you care about, but worrying about being “too extra”

  • expressing yourself and fearing rejection or complete shut down

  • holding boundaries spiritually and with the people who matter to you

We all need people to help us see what we can’t,

and overcome those fears that hold us back!

We can do it with a lot of love and laughs on the way!


In this sisterhood support for spiritual womxn, we’re here for YOU. We’re your spiritual, mental and emotional wingwomen ready to watch you rise!

It’s time to trust your intuition, expand your spiritual gifts and connection, and bring that bigger vision to life while LOVING your new you.

We kick off our virtual Sisterhood Chats in late October 2019!

Plus, join a 4-day retreat in February 2019!


The world needs your wisdom.

Your gifts are your goldmine. 

We know it’s not easy to go it alone.

That’s why we developed this intimate sisterhood!

Now, you’ll have spiritual wingwomen by your side

so you can enjoy the ride.

Photo by Nqobile Vundla on

Photo by Nqobile Vundla on

  • Consistent sisterhood support + expansion calls where you can learn how to heighten your intuition and use that 6th sense for good (without feeling overwhelmed or terrified of opening up “too much” to the spiritual world.)

  • Mentors who’ve been where you are and can support you with spiritually, mentally, and emotionally with wisdom, discussions, tools, and practices

  • A community of womxn who “get you” in so many ways, who will have your back, and open your heart in ways you’ve never imagined

  • A source of love and inspiration to help you sift and sort through the many ways you and your life will change (and already are changing!) because of your new Gifts

  • Ways to connect and begin to expand into your newer gifts so that you feel grounded, secure, sure and trusting of the information you receive intuitively, and ways to start feeling the BEST of yourself everyday (instead of feeling other people’s anger in your body, cause… no.)

  • A safe space to ask questions frequently and receive guidance, without the judgement that you might be afraid of out in the “real world” (HA!)

This is your place!

*Sisterhood + Retreat includes personalized support, intimate discussions + development work, private mentorship, and soulful sisterhood!

We kick off October 30, 2019!

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mentorship + wingwomen

A support system and spiritual teachers at your side

so you can enjoy the ride!


Spiritual women are gifted souls.

You’re here to create + to lead with LOVE.

Because you’re so open energetically, it’s key that you keep your connection to LOVE strong!

Many people who are intuitive struggle with the same exact things, and we’re here to support you:


We’re here to help you.

This sisterhood and in-person retreat is just what you need!

We kick off the last week in October 2019!

Allie Horner's personal photo.jpg

this is for you.

Not your basic psychic development ish…

Over 4 months we will hop on twice-monthly sister support calls with our little mastermind group, and support you on private 1:1 calls with Allie + Marley. All of our discussions are focused on just that: SUPPORT + DEPTH in the areas you need it most, so all of the calls and topics are catered to YOU!

Here’s an idea of what we feel is needed, and what may be covered on our twice-monthly sisterhood calls…

  • Understanding and embodying higher wisdom + larger spiritual concepts (timelessness, oneness, omnipresence, universal love, etc) while also being HERE and enjoying your EVERYDAY LIFE!

  • Channeling energy in the moment to do things you normally couldn’t! (Think: being able to SKI intuitively when you never learned how in the past! Yep, it’s possible!)

  • Energy work and working in the astral realms to transmute the energy of a situation

  • Emotional Support around Love Life and Relationships, business/creative calling/higher purpose, health and wellness, parenting and family

  • Channeling Guidance clearly or Lucid Channeling for your business, creative profession or projects

  • Creating amazing spiritual squads in person and with your spiritual power posse!

  • Enjoying everyday life more, even though your gifts are really transforming you and everything else!

  • Setting solid boundaries and clearly communicating your needs and desires as an empathic being

  • New ways to explore and play with your gifts in everyday life!

  • Strengthening personal “weak spots” - you know those areas of your life where you REALLYYYY don’t trust your intuition, like with dating or trusting men, or knowing what to do in a heated situation at work?

  • Overcoming fears at a new level (because your intuition will change everything!)

  • Enhancing your connection to clearly channel your guides and loved ones, and setting even stronger boundaries as needed.

  • Expanding your personal spiritual strengths (we all have strengths in our gifts, whatever yours are let’s enhance them!)

  • Explore and understand new spiritual gifts (intuitively guiding others, exploring telepathy, empathicness, clear conduit channeling, lucid channeling, time-hopping, communicating with guides + loved ones, setting boundaries, etc)

  • Intuitive Manifestation principles + using your gifts to create the life you love!

  • Increasing your Magnetism as an intuitive womxn + clear channel (while setting boundaries around your telepathy gifts, time and energy!

  • Self Expression: No more hiding or keeping yourself in the closet.

  • Self Love + Sacrifice: intuitives easily cross or bend their boundaries to help others. You’ll have individual support to start owning what you want.

  • Herbalism and holistic ways to enhance your connection + intuitive clarity


Want to see more Testimonials from Allie’s previous retreat attendees and mastermind clients?

Click Here or go to the “Love Notes” section!



Join us for 4-days of fun!

workshops, laughs late into the night, campfire chats, and adventures with your spiritual sisters!

Where: Breckenridge, Colorado

When: February 2020 (Dates will be voted on by the mastermind group prior to scheduling.)

Who: Hosted by Marley Jamason + Allie Horner (and our spiritual guides!)

Why: It’s time to get out from behind the computers, off the meditation pillow, and out into the world with women who love you.

The 4-day retreat is included in your mastermind payment!


An idea of the day-to-day:

  • Morning workshops will be from 9-12/1pm, and workshop topics will be catered to you at the time of the retreat!

  • Afternoons will have an activity for the group and/or solo time for rest and relaxation.

  • Campfire chats + lots of fun outside in the mountains! (Think: snowshoeing, mountainside meditations, warm up by the fire, enjoy the sun that Colorado is famous for!, enjoy town, and have a warm coffee at the lodge!)

  • Intuitive adventures guided by the crew!

  • Spend time out in nature, exploring the world, and lots of loving guidance to come through!

  • Explore the local areas with your intuition leading the way, and get ready to practice channeling for each other on the trip!

  • Live channelings and creative workshops will commence to help you channel your gifts into a new creation!

  • Discussions, Q+As, energy work, group yoga, sound healings, meditation time

  • Different rituals and ceremonies to enhance your experience!

  • Higher self costume party!

  • Show off your stuff while we enjoy lots of laughs with your friends!


You in?!

Sign up below or book a call to discuss details.

Generous payment plans are available.



We start October 30!


why join the fall 2019 experience?

  • We encourage you to find your own truths. It’s about coaching + Guiding; not controlling or conforming.

  • You be YOU in this experience.

  • Calls + discussions honor YOU; what do YOU need right now? How can we support you?

  • You’ll be allowed to guide + support others: this is about leading, speaking, being seen and heard.

  • This is a safe space to process emotions; no bypassing or brushing them off!

  • We’re not leaving anything out - so this is your space to talk about errrythang… your love life, sex, spirituality, business, those cryptic visions and messages you can’t make sense of, the side eye you get from your MIL when you mention your gifts, your health, emotional or other needs… we’re here for it!

  • We’re well-versed in holistic wellness (nutrition, exercise, mindset).

  • You’ll be supported on all levels, blending spirituality + psychology to help people grow + heal.

  • Allie brings a wealth of depth and training as a strategic intervention coach, psychic medium, and clear conduit channeler and spiritual teacher!

  • Marley brings expertise in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique – aka Tapping), and Hypnotherapy. These modalities are designed to help you shift out of subconscious limiting beliefs + energy funks swiftly and easily!

what’s included?

Deepen your intuitive gifts and heighten your experience of connection and creation

The details!

Allie_P_0038 (1).jpg

this is priceless.


And months of support + sisterhood!


The 4-Month Mastermind, includes…

  • Sisterhood Support Calls 2x/month end of October, through February 28, 2020.

  • Monthly 1:1 with Allie + Marley where we focus on whatever you desire

  • Monthly LIVE Channeling with Allie and her Spiritual Guides or other beings

  • The ENTIRE Everyday Intuition LIVE Course starting the last week in October

  • The opportunity to VOTE on call times if you sign up prior to October 23rd, 2019.

  • Private and intimate sisterhood and community area in a private facebook group!

  • Reading assignments - some of our favorite books!

  • Additional PRACTICES to support your expansion and growth (EFT, NLP, Meditation, Energy work, Channeling practices, Herbal Practices, etc!)

  • Monthly Guest Mentors to support you in ways you will really enjoy it!


The 4-Day Sisterhood Retreat in Breckenridge, CO, including…

  • A spot in the house in a nice, cozy bed

  • Food for one meal/day (alcohol is not included)

  • House snacks for everyone

  • Group activities like yoga, hiking, or excursions as announced and planned

  • Daily workshops by Allie and Marley from 9 - 12/1

  • Some extra goodies!

  • The opportunity to VOTE on retreat dates that work for you if you sign up prior to November 1st, 2019. (Once they are voted on, they are set!)

*Travel, flights, and transportation to/from the house to the rest of the area is not included in your payments. Alcohol is not included.

Image from  here .

Image from here.

Sisterhood and Mentorship…

  • Two experienced mentors who’ve coached and supported many womxn and mxn in the past - Allie and Marley!

  • A support system of womxn who get you

  • Monthly additional guest mentors


  • Access to EVERYTHING in the Everyday Intuition Fall 2019 Course, starting late October 2019! (a $1999 value!)

  • Our secret stash of previous channelings + 4 extra bonus masterclasses (pre-recorded)


Transformation is possible

when we open our hearts + begin to trust the universe’s guidance.

Sign up below or book a call to discuss details.

Generous payment plans are available.

join us!


the investment

*This mastermind, coaching, retreat, and spiritual guidance is valued at over $12,000.

But you get it for only $4,400 US if you pay in full!

*Generous Payment Plans are available!


(Save over $400)


$997 US Down + 2 Monthly Payments of $1800


$997 US Down + 4 Monthly Payments of $850

here’s what many of our previous students and clients have said…

The adventure begins the last week in October!

Exact dates to be decided as a group.

*This is not a replacement for professional mental health, medical, legal or financial services. We are not professionals in any of those areas and are acting as guides and teachers only. Any actions you take (or inactions) are your own responsibility. By purchasing the retreat and/or course, you are agreeing to this understanding.

 We’re here for you!


Hop on in!

In this mastermind - a true meeting of minds - you’ll be encouraged to let go of control and step into the CONNECTION of Source and Spirit that will enhance your life and have you creating amazing things in no time.

  • The relationships you have will transform in beautiful ways.

  • More people will flock to you.

  • New opportunities and doors will open.

  • Gifts you didn’t know you had will open up.

  • New movements you’re meant to participate in will call to you.

  • You’ll lead groups easily as spirit supports you, 

  • Or you’ll write books or innovatively lead in ways you couldn’t before.

  • Maybe you’ll step into a new profession or new creative calling.

  • Maybe you’ll parent differently, or show up in your love life differently.

  • Perhaps you’re meant to support others during their awakenings or lovingly guide others into new personal evolutions…


We’re here to help you find out.

Whatever your vision and mission is, we’ll support you in collaborating, co-creating, and cultivating the energy and intuition you need to do so!

Hop on in! We start in late October! 



We’re Marley and Allie!

We’re spiritual coaches, psychic-mediums, energy workers, and natural born intuitive women…

As are you!

Aliie Horner + her son

Several years ago before we even knew each other as friends, we found ourselves overwhelmed, controlling, stressing a lot and wondering if there was a better way. We’d been taught to always have our hands on the wheel, figuring it all out, planning it out, and doing whatever we were told to do. 

We wanted to do things “right” Get the right job. Be the perfect partner. The perfect parent. Do the “right” things and get the “right house” or “right degree”. Date the “right guys”, and look at the “right way”.

We checked the boxes and did the things we were “supposed to do”.... Or so we thought. 

But as much as we tried to ignore that inner voice that told us to do things differently…. It didn’t work. It only made us unhappy, sick, and searching for a better way.

We each began  to sense there was “something more” to life.

Our intuition came knocking in unique ways, and soon we followed our breadcrumb trail back to who we were before we stopped ignoring our own inner voice. And before we knew it, we began feeling the flow again.

The flow allowed us to find various teachers, psychics, mediums, channelers to guide us and learn from.

It guided us to books, meditation, energy work, channeled videos, courses, cacao ceremonies, herbalism, wisdom about life after death, and lots of new practices our former “safe” selves would never have entertained!


Now that we’ve been practicing for several years, we can support others.

Now we use our gifts for good!


Continuing to trust, to practice deepening and using our gifts allowed all of those things allowed us to become clear channels, intuitives, spiritual teachers and full blown mediums. 

Now we teach others, run retreats, coach and channel for our clients + friends, and use our gifts in MANY ways!

We talk with spiritual guides daily, work with energy, channel and meditate, and have a plethora of exciting, helpful, and seriously hilarious experiences + fun practices that we’d love to share with you!

And we cant’t wait to hear about YOURS too!


Our lives changed, business changed and evolved, relationships changed, the way Allie shows up as a parent to her son changed…


Everything changed, Because we changed.

And there was no going back.

(As if we’d want to!)

After deepening our gifts and working with many many women and men over the years who needed our support and guidance, we began to notice a pattern…



There are TONS of women who are intuitive + psychic - tons of people who can connect with spiritual guides and loved ones, who are able to work with energy, and are probably already coaching or helping others…

But they are burned out, overwhelmed, and have a bigger vision unfolding for them.

And at the end of the day…


We all struggle with the same emotions we had all along!

Probably more because hello! empathic much?! And we all have areas where we WISH we could trust ourselves more, where we wished we had more guidance, where we would love to have more expansion in our gifts…. like with those visions you have of a guy coming, or a baby on the way, or a healing center you’re going to open - yet none of it is happening yet?!


Our lives TRANSFORM when these gifts open.

And we knew that women like us needed something we didn’t have…

Sisterhood, Support, and Women who will lift them up.

So we created this container - a safe space - to gather, to nourish, to laugh, to share, to be seen and heard, and supported in ways you aren’t in everyday life.

Women like us live extraordinary lives, filled with adventure and wonder!

And we too are here for a greater purpose.

We want to support you in harnessing your wisdom, and bringin’ to life a greater vision for yourself and everyone you touch.

That’s why we created this Mastermind + Retreat.

It’s created to help you develop friendships and a solid mindset you’ll have the rest of your life.

It’s here for you when you can’t make sense of the messages or visions.

It’s here for you when you want to bring something bigger to life.

When you need emotional wingwomen by your side…


We’re here to lovingly guide you where you need it most.

In trusting the flow of life again.

WE cannot WAIT to see what unfolds for you!

Got questions?



Got questions ?Before you book a quick call, read below.

Still need info?

Chat with us!

When will this take place?

We’ll begin October 30 + end at the End of February, 2010. Exact dates + meeting times to be decided as a group. We will take a week off over Thanksgiving, and 1 week off around Christmas / New Year.

The retreat will be the end of February and the group will vote on exact dates. We will not choose any that won’t work for you :)

When will the live sisterhood calls be?

Sister Circles will be 2x/month. We’ll decide that as a group. We’ll pick a time that works for as many people as possible. Block off about 2 hours - but know we may not always use all of that time.

What if I can’t attend one the calls?

We’ll do our best to record each call and make the replay available to you promptly. If you have specific questions, submit your questions ahead of the call time and we’ll address them! We suggest that you try to attend as many as possible.

Where and when will the retreat be?

Unless we are cosmically rerouted / receive alternative requests from the group, we plan on hosting the retreat in Colorado, at the end of February 2020! Exact dates and location to be voted on by our sisterhood.

What if I have dietary restrictions? Will there be food options for me?

Yes absolutely. We’ll have a questionnaire for each person to fill out and will ensure we have options for everyone wherever we eat.

Have you hosted retreats and masterminds before?

Allie has hosted several retreats and masterminds, and has also been working as a spiritual teacher in courses and group programs for several years now.

Marley has attended retreats and is a spiritual teacher as well. She will be enjoying hosting you for the first time at this retreat!

Do you offer refunds?

Nope! If you’re in, you’re in.

I am transgender and identify as a womxn; can I join? Will I be welcome here?

Of. Fucking. Course! We can’t wait to have you here, wise one!

Can I talk to you before signing up?
Yep! Schedule a connection call with one or both of us so you can get a feel for our energy + presence.

jump on in!

We can’t wait for you to join us and the group of amazingly wise and intuitive women!