This Truth About The Universe Royally Pissed Me Off

I was raised to believe that we were at the mercy of life. That everything happens outside of us, in the world around us, TO us.

I was taught we needed to protect ourselves, that the world wasn’t always loving, that we should be afraid because no one knows what’s coming.

You know… I think I still work on this belief sometimes, but even now, I know the truth:


We are the Creators of our own tiny Universes.

And everything we believe, think, and feel is truly mirrored in the world around us - where we see certain experiences matching our vibrational state.


The first time I heard this wisdom, I KNEW it was true…..


So of course, I got royally pissed off.

… How dare you say that I’m in control of the world around me!

… How dare you say that I am the creator! I didn’t create that time a dog attacked me out of nowhere! I was just walking down the damn street!

… How dare you tell me that my financial situations of the past when I was BROKE AS A JOKE were of my making. I was laid off!


And yet… there was this voice within that said….

“Listen: you know the truth is that you called these experiences in to you, so you could learn to Love unconditionally. You came here to this lifetime, not to be punished, or shamed, or set apart from everything and everyone. You came here to remember love, to see oneness, to experience your divine connection and creation of everything around you.

You came here, for miracles.

There is no one making you see pain when there is peace. No one is making you miserable but you.

What do you choose? Misery, or Miracles?”


I chose miracles.


I decided that things had to change. I’d had enough. I was going through my awakening, and my gifts were expanding. I was excited, but afraid. I was in a financial shithole but I get why that happened now. I wanted to be a better mother, and a better human, and I wanted to stop living with anxiety and fear, and start leaping into faith, freedom, and joy.


Most of all? I WANTED to feel that zing, that ping of love everywhere I went.


I wanted to trust life again.

I wanted to trust LOVE, GOD, SOURCE, SPIRIT.

I wanted to TRUST MYSELF.


That meant I had to take ownership of what I’d been unconsciously and sometimes consciously creating.

When we feel victimized by life, it’s because we are also somewhere… being our own prison guard. We are holding ourselves hostage to fear when we could consciously choose to see our part in the way we perceive and co-create with the Universe within us and around us.


Slowly, I began to shift my perspective on life and the world around me, and you know…. Even though my ego self (that little scared, sad self that we all have given our power to) wanted to show me how life was happening TO me, how I was a VICTIM of my circumstances…


I couldn’t help but just not buy into its bullshit anymore.


The more I began to look around me and choose to see love, choosing to SEE and FEEL miracles, the more I began to realize that I was indeed attracting more and more amazing experiences with amazing beings.

That goes for spiritual beings in the beyond, and human beings here on earth.

Allowing myself to look to my thoughts and intentionally love myself, love what is, love the world as it is…

It allowed me to see LIFE and LIGHT and LOVE differently - everywhere, anywhere, in the birds and the flowers…

And in the criminals and people we LOVE to hate and blame and shame. Those beings, they’re part of US - our judgments of them reflect a part of us that we cannot and will not accept or love.

Every fear, I learned was simply a call for love.


This is the miracle.

This is the manifestation.

This is seeing love through god’s eyes.

This is loving who you are, what you are, wherever you are, unconditionally.


And wouldn’t you know it…. It just happens to make life SO MUCH FUCKING FUN.

The irony is?

When you love yourself and all that is in front of you, and you accept your part in loving and giving and growing and enjoying the ride…

You tend to co-create AMAZING experiences with people and things and all dimensions and realities and timelines, that you would never have been open to when you were shrouded and protected in fear.

So you can keep going where you are - living in fear and lack. But listen, all that feeling is, is a call for LOVE.

Miracles are everywhere, and allowing them in because you are WORTHY OF LOVE and MIRACLES becomes natural once you make the decision to stop being a victim and start realizing this is all about accepting your divine nature, and the divine nature of your entire world.


It's all just Love in infinite forms.

Isn't that beautiful?


That is what I’m teaching you to do in the next round of Infinitely Wise Woman 2.0.

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  • You are meant to have the relationship with yourself that will open you up to spirit’s guidance.

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  • You are meant to bring beautiful ideas to life - to make your life a living work of art.


You are meant to remember:

You are the gift, the guide, the guru, the goddess, the greatness.

You are The One.


And so are everything and everyone else around you. Because you create this reality you live in.


So are you creating a garbage dump of a situation?



Or are you creating a gold mine?

A lush garden?

An epic adventure?

A peaceful paradise?


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The ISC and The A Team


Allison Horner