[AUDIO] LOVE IS INNATE: Source Speaks Message

Hello my loves! 

I received the nudge this bright Monday morning to share a channeled message directly from Source (it's ALL Source, but anyhow...) 

I recorded it via audio because the energetic frequency in here was BEAUTIFUL, and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Listen to it below and enjoy.


Allie + Source


P.S. The Infinitely Wise Wo+Man Experience is enrolling starting TOMORROW for the second round! I am SO excited to welcome you into the IWW Family, and for you all to meet our previous members.

They're excited to extend their wisdom with you and to support you on the journey as you open your gifts, think, feel and act with love, and begin to TRUST yourself and your intuition through this experience. The community is SO vibrationally HIGH, and it's a beautiful opportunity to come and educate yourself on spiritual truths that are less dualistic and more anchored in love and trust than in most programs. I hope you'll come play with us and with your fam!

Check out the waitlist right HERE, and make sure you have me, allison@adventureknocks.com, whitelisted in your email or pulled over to the IMPORTANT or PRIMARY tab in gmail so  you don't miss it!

We will also announce it in the Facebook Groups! :)