Spirit Speak VIDEO: Can you really channel anyone - even ascended masters like Jesus and Buddha?

A channeled message from The Spiritual A Team of higher consciousness beings before watching... 

"The Spiritual Teams have brought this amazing channeling of wisdom through a clear conduit channel and founder of The Intuitive Soul Collective. Please be gracious in your learnings as you love this information; to believe that masters and spiritual beings are not "better than" you is a wonderful gift.

To know that you are not separate, that Love knows no form, that Love values no one person or being or energy more or less than any other, is a beautiful gift.

You are Love, and so are we - the collective entity of the ascended masters, angels, and loved ones that you seek to embrace fully. Yes, we speak with you now, and use this channel to serve you to your highest purpose, to help you live healthy, happy lives, full of love, spiritual wisdom, and adventure. We are here to help you embrace the experience and love the journey you are on.

We are part and parcel of you. We love you dearly, come to play with us and enjoy this journey even more with our eternal wisdom and love at your service. 

Embrace that gift, and open your hearts to love.


 - The A Team"