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[VIDEO] Permission to Be Happy: Why Happy People Do Good In The World with Megan Covington

Happy people take actions based in LOVE. Check out this discussion between Megan Covington and I about serving the self, versus serving others, and how we know what we can do to elevate our state while consciously being of service to self AND all simultaneously! Because no one has to lose, and everyone gets to play in the sandbox together with the mentality that happiness is our purpose.

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[AUDIO] LOVE IS INNATE: Source Speaks Message

Hello my loves! 

I received the nudge this bright monday morning to share a channeled message directly from Source (it's ALL Source, but anyhow...) 

I recorded it via audio because the energetic frequency in here was BEAUTIFUL, and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

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Opening the Doors To Infinite Wisdom, Spirit Guides, and Intuitive Creation

Opening the Doors To Infinite Wisdom, Spirit Guides, and Intuitive Creation through trust, community, and collaborative experiments in intuitive insight and accessing higher consciousness to create an amazing life.

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How To Overcome Eating Disorders - From A Medium + Spiritual Channel who’s been through them, too.

In this post, I share how my eating disorders actually PREPARED me for the spiritual awakening I would have later in life, and with love and compassion I share my insights from the spiritual realms and from my own inner wisdom to help you love the fuck out of yourselves without basing all of your worth on your body and accomplishments. I also share how to release control and love the journey now.

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Spirit Speak VIDEO: Can you really channel anyone - even ascended masters like Jesus and Buddha?

A channeled message from The Spiritual A Team of higher consciousness beings before watching... on channeling ascended masters, celebrities, and more and why ANYONE can do it!

Read more in this post!

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What The F Does It Mean to Be In The "Divine Feminine" or "Divine Masculine"? {And Why Does It Even Matter?}

What does it mean to be in the divine masculine or feminine? Read more for a channeled message explaining the dualistic perspective on these “energies”… But know that they are all ONE with each other!

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