Opening the Doors To Infinite Wisdom, Spirit Guides, and Intuitive Creation

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to just KNOW things? You know.... without second guessing or over analyzing your first instinct?

Have you watched people tap into spirit and thought, "I wanna have that kind of connection and support!"

Have you always doubted and second-guessed yourself, even when you KNOW the answers?

Have you wondered if your intuition is broken at times?

Have you been thinking, "GOD I just want to feel totally fucking IN FLOW! I want to trust myself, and feel like life is easier because I know where to go, what to do, what to say, and to whom!"


I felt that way for a long time.

Nowdays, I am a clear conduit channel, psychic and spiritual teacher now and I tend to just know things about people or situations to come, and I can see, feel, hear, sense, taste and even smell spirits or outside situations. 

You know what? I STILL have friends and soul sisters and brothers who support me, because even though I've got all the spiritual guidance from my Guides and Spirit Friends in the world to guide me on my path... 

I still have trust issues sometimes. 

For years, I second guessed my own decisions, and I doubted my gifts. Even when I opened up and began encountering spirit, it took a solid 7 -9 months of internal mental and emotional work to totally trust what I was hearing and seeing and KNOWING, and to release my fears around spiritual beings being with me.

When I finally found mentors and opened myself up to new friendships - having a lot of my gifts validated - was when I began to feel that sense of TRUST and LOVE in myself deeply, and my messages and channeling became ultra clear. I began auto writing and rolling with life. I began loving myself and feeling in flow all the time, and I started to TRUST my inner knowing - my intuition - all the time.

Intuition, channeling, tapping into spirit, receiving guidance, having that "sixth sense" i.e. the "clairs"...

There's nothing "special" about that expeirence. Actually, we ALL have those things. We all can do this; it's our natural state we are born with as babies and are programmed out of in our youth.

Let's return to Love.
Return to Knowing.
Return to Trusting.
Return to Flowing.

TRUST is the #1 thing that can block your connection to spirit.

Because not trusting is a signal that you are afraid to open yourself up to this experience. And that fear can act like a closed tap on a very leaky faucet - keeping you closed off to the infinite wisdom waiting in the Source within you, and keeping you closed off to the guidance and loving other-worldly relationships you are craving with your own Spirit Teams and loved ones in the beyond.

But first, we need to bring ourselves back to TRUSTING ourselves. This foundation is key when opening up to spirit, to source, to life's many curveballs and to finding freedom and flow in the chaos that we tend to see. 

Why not let my Team of spiritual guides teach us how then? 

With the help of the A Team, we will bring you home to your inner truth and inner light, by giving you guidance, experiments, tools and a loving community to support you as you open yourselves up to knowing, loving and trusting yourself and your journey, and channeling the infinite wisdom that lives within you innately but that you likely don't consciously access yet or trust yet.


The Infinitely Wise Wo+Man will open for enrollment in a few short weeks and we cannot WAIT to let you all see the inner and outer conditions change when you enjoy immersing yourselves in the world of TRUST, LOVE, and DISCERNMENT.


This round of IWW is more focused on trusting, loving, and knowing yourself than ever before. We will empower you to connect with your own inner light and higher selves first and foremost as a foundational step in your consciousness evolution.

And from there we will open the doors to your connection with your Spiritual Teams, facilitating the connection and introduction to key Spiritual Guides on your journey. You will love the process we have laid out and it is there for good reason: namely because if you do not deepen your relationship with yourself and trust what you are and what you Know... you will have a hard time connecting to your Guides and spirit.

This is not only about channeling wisdom from guides or ascended masters or loved ones in "the beyond".

it's an experience designed to develop your own inner trust in yourSelf, so you feel that you are held, supported and lit up by your wonderful inner genius.

It will facilitate the awakening of core gifts within your gene keys and in your human design profiles - and you will see your energy grow and feel more expansive because you are the one who knows where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom.

Bringing your passion and purpose into the world requires faith and loving yourself through it all with help from the IWW program will only support you on your creative journey and consciousness evolution.

Sign up for the waitlist and be the first to know when the doors open. We already have 4x the women adn men signed up for the next founders round and cannot wait to meet you all in person!

Allie and the A Team