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[AUDIO] LOVE IS INNATE: Source Speaks Message

Hello my loves! 

I received the nudge this bright monday morning to share a channeled message directly from Source (it's ALL Source, but anyhow...) 

I recorded it via audio because the energetic frequency in here was BEAUTIFUL, and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

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VIDEO: Loving Who You Are: The Way To Manifest Faster

I received this download as I was driving in my car, and I stopped to pull over and channel the wisdom through me from my spirit guides, The A Team! I couldn't allow myself to have it all in the beginning, and I know now that it was a lack of trust that kept me from receiving the love within and around me.

I hope you’ll watch or listen to this message of TRUST, and MANIFESTING and what it is.

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What The F Does It Mean to Be In The "Divine Feminine" or "Divine Masculine"? {And Why Does It Even Matter?}

What does it mean to be in the divine masculine or feminine? Read more for a channeled message explaining the dualistic perspective on these “energies”… But know that they are all ONE with each other!

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