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[VIDEO] Permission to Be Happy: Why Happy People Do Good In The World with Megan Covington

Happy people take actions based in LOVE. Check out this discussion between Megan Covington and I about serving the self, versus serving others, and how we know what we can do to elevate our state while consciously being of service to self AND all simultaneously! Because no one has to lose, and everyone gets to play in the sandbox together with the mentality that happiness is our purpose.

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VIDEO: Loving Who You Are: The Way To Manifest Faster

I received this download as I was driving in my car, and I stopped to pull over and channel the wisdom through me from my spirit guides, The A Team! I couldn't allow myself to have it all in the beginning, and I know now that it was a lack of trust that kept me from receiving the love within and around me.

I hope you’ll watch or listen to this message of TRUST, and MANIFESTING and what it is.

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