[VIDEO] Permission to Be Happy: Why Happy People Do Good In The World with Megan Covington

There are two questions I ask myself often, and both have to be a HELL YES in order for me to do something, or to continue doing something:

Is it working?

Am I happy?

Often we think it's selfish to be happy, to do things that make us happy, but I disagree: 

I think happy people vibrationally do a LOT for the world, for the collective.

Happy people take actions based in LOVE. 

happy people don't shoot their husbands

Think about it: Has a happy, loving person ever hurt someone else intentionally?


But do people sometimes do things that sacrifice their values, their loving states, their happiness, their desires, for others or because they're afraid?


My awesome friend and co-creator, Megan Covington, invited me to an amazing chat this past week about SERVING. If there's anything I know, it's that sometimes, we may do things we think are helpful but they aren't always that way to the other person.

Sometimes, we do things because we think we MUST, or we SHOULD, or we can't see another option or another way that is better.

Is it right or wrong? Good or bad? Better or worse? To do things that we don't want to do, even though society or our conditions and rules label them as such?

How do we know what our intention is, and how to say NO or YES when we aren't wanting something to have that impact that it was done in sacrificial energy, versus LOVING and FULLNESS?

What if the TRUE service was in making ourselves HAPPY as hell, knowing that our VIBRATION creates everything in this world?

Watch here for an awesome discussion and comment below - in what ways are YOU being sacrificial, service oriented, or loving? And what would you like to do that is different? 

Check out more of Megan's awesome videos and how to work with her on megancovington.com or on YouTube.