How Can We Support You?

Private Mentorship

Private mentorship is an amazing experience where you'll receive spiritual, mental and emotional mentorship and support from our founder, Allison, while on your spiritual journey. As a practiced Intuitive Coach and Psychic Medium, we will support you in the most fulfilling way possible.

Book a call and we'll discuss your unique challenges, desires, vision, and spiritual development, and how you can transform and have the guidance and support you crave right now.

Coaching is extremely effective when combined with spiritual guidance and channeling; it addresses fears and brings forth massive transformation.

Don't be surprised if you begin to feel more confident, intuitively tuned-in, brighter and bolder, and if you become a badass magnet and creator!

Book a free call to chat and see what may be the best fit for you.

VIP Private mentorship includes an in-person full-day intensive, including food and a night in a hotel or AirBnb.

Length of time working together can range from 3-10 months long and is a minimum $7K investment. Payment plans are available.

Private Readings + Intuitive Development Sessions

Need some guidance on life direction? Purpose? Love? Relationships? Business? Creative Endeavors? We can talk about it ALL with your Spirit Guides, loved ones on the other side, and any beings that arrive to support you, including my own spirit team, The A Team!

Intuitive Soul Collective Membership Tribe

For the spiritual and awakening woman wanting more connection, exclusive channelings of spiritual beings from many realms of existence, monthly membership calls, community, and more.


Human Design Sessions + Intuitive Reading

Joint Session with Brittany and Allie

Purpose, Passion, Personal Power + Intuitive Development

All in one!

This uniquely designed session will review your human design chart in the depth you need, while also providing a unique reading of your purpose, passion, and next steps in creating the life you desire, or business that will light you up!

*Readings can be catered to cover specific areas, and we can also provide packages of readings if you’d like more depth and consistent coaching and support. Let us know if that is the case.