Welcome to Everyday Intuition!

We are excited for you to join the group and introduce yourself! I'm so honored to have you joining our family, and I can't wait to get to know you better! If have friends who would fit well in this intuitive women’s circle, send them over to the Everyday Intuition webpage and let them know that you are excited to invite them in too. This is more fun with friends!

1. Join the private facebook group just for Everyday Intuition here.

2. Look for emails from us (intuitivesoulcollective@gmail.com) to come in the coming weeks! Announcements will also be made in the facebook group.

3. Links for our live video calls with the group will be posted in the group as well. You are welcome to do an intro video or post. Whatever you feel called to do. This is YOUR rodeo.

4. Your online journal pages (printable! yay!) will be delivered in the coming weeks prior to the program's kick off!



**The Meditations for Massive Momentum and Intuitive Income Bundle videos are HERE. Check them out!


If you've got questions, email allison@adventureknocks.com or marley@marleyjamason.com or PM either of us on facebook!


Allison Horner + Marley Jamason