About The Intuitive Soul Collective Community

The ISC is a community of spiritual souls dedicated to creating a better world and experience of life, through their gifts and love for all that is.  

The ISC is not about a single person or thing; it is about the women and men who bravely and lovingly run the community and facilitate healing and transformation in the hearts of everyone who comes to know them.

These are spiritual teachers, channels, lovers of life, and all who are here to make the journey more fun, more adventurous, and more filled with laughter and joy on the way Home to yourself. 


Our founder, Allison Horner, is a guide, coach, channeler, podcast host, author, speaker and psychic who loves to laugh and make this spiritual work fun! She also supports women who want to bring their love of life out into the world to create massive change through laughs, love, and lots of conscious creations!

She's also the founder of Adventure Knocks! (adventureknocks.com), the Adventure Knocks podcast, the Intuitive Soul Collective Podcast (coming soon).

She hosts several retreats, adventure days, the WokeAF meet-up group in Denver, and is a co-host of the Come As You Are Meditation Group in Denver, CO.

What's the point if you aren't enjoying the adventure!? She's a clear conduit channel and loves to bring messages from the Otha Side to support our human experience with her primary guides, The A Team. She also works with many affluent entrepreneurs, creators, authors and visionary change-makers behind the scenes of their businesses and creative endeavors.

Brittany Novak Kimmel is our resident Human Design Expert. She loves to support people by helping them see their unique gifts and talents, the way their energy works and how to make better decisions from their unique authority centers. Her perspective is flawless when it comes to reading someone’s design chart, and she will open you up to amazing possibilities! 

Heather Strobel is a coach, empath, energy healer, and intuitive individual.

She loves to help women avoid burnout and re-connect to their true states of inner peace. Being a new mom herself, she loves working with women and mothers to help them connect to their peace in the midst of what can seem like chaos.

She loves to do this through a unique blend of Reiki energy healing, mindset work, and coaching. She herself is a type A stressaholic turned wellness warrior, and is always learning new tools and tricks to help share with others.

An idealist to her core, she is also a consultant to non-profits and social impact companies.

Come join us to explore your own inner divinity and get woo AF.

You may find Allison over in her FREE facebook community, the Conscious Change Makers.

On YouTube under the ISC YouTube Channel, or on her own YouTube Channel.

Or on the upcoming ISC Podcast!!!

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