Love Notes

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"I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to Allie because I have so many wonderful things to say about her.  She is an amazing soul who I have had the pleasure of crossing paths with at the end of last year.  

I joined the Infinitely Wise Women Group this January that Allie created and it hands down was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  

I made lifetime friends with the other women in the group and it was a place where I could go to and feel safe and confident talking about woo woo stuff.  Before this I never believed that a group of women could all be together and support one another and show nothing but love and positivity.  All I had ever experienced was women being negative to each other, cutting each other down and not supporting one another in group settings. So it was shocking to me at first to see how every single one of the ladies in the IWW group from day one had my back, supported me, loved me, encouraged me and was always there for me.  It brings tears to my eyes just knowing how loved I was and that women really can come together and be a support system to others.  


Last year and this year has been the start of my spiritual journey and understanding that many things I have been experiencing for awhile was real and I wasn’t going crazy.  I felt like I was somehow able to connect to the other side and had an experience with my best friends sister in law passing away last December right after I had talked to Allie about joining the group. During the month of December, the sister in law that passed I starting connecting to on the other side.  I would hear her in my head and at first I thought I was losing it.  I had Allie help validate that it was indeed her coming through to me and I wasn’t going crazy.  That begin a beautiful journey of the sister in law becoming a guide for me and helping me open up my gifts.  

Allie had me take the month of December off to lean back and not do much and just relax and have fun and then get back with her in January and see if I still felt like the IWW group was a good fit for me.  

What I loved about this is it showed that Allie wasn’t in this for the money and she genuinely cared about me and wanted what was best for me.  

If she wanted to she could have just said sure sign up but she didn’t.  By leaning back in the month of December it made my decision clear how much I needed and wanted to experience the IWW group.  


Allie is fantastic and ran the group with ease and I looked forward to every Monday evening for eight weeks connecting with the ladies in the group.  I also loved that Allie created a closed group on Facebook where all of us during the week could share our experiences we were having, frustrations, celebrations, wins or just talk about what was going on in our lives.  I love how Allie can channel and I could sit and listen to her for hours if I could!  I soaked up everything she taught us and or that spirit taught us.  What I also loved is she was always available for us if we needed to reach out to her or had any questions.  She inspired me because she too like the rest of us was once where I am at now and learning about her gifts and trusting the process herself.  She is relatable and I love how she keeps it real and doesn’t sugar coat things.  She says it like it is and I love that about her. 


Allie and the A team are amazing and I am so thankful and blessed that we crossed paths. 

I am excited to jump in on IWW 2 group in May and connect back up with my friends and also meet new friends that are joining the group. 


You can’t go wrong with choosing Allie.  She is a fantastic coach and mentor and I wouldn’t be where I am at in my spiritual journey without her love and guidance the past few months."


 - Sarah - Kansas City, Missouri -


"In 2018 I manifested a miracle for ME when I connected with Allie. IWW and all those supporting this group.


While I asked for guidance around how to see situations through a lens of divine truth and how to stop blocking my own desires. I was divinely guided to Allie and this Infinitely Wise Woman’s group.

It didn’t take long before I began to experience a deeper feeling of TRUST for myself, gain a truer sense of self love and more fully embrace my own intuition. I truly consider my work with Allie and my new friends in IWW a blessing in my life’s journey.

IWW immediately became a safe group to share and learn in and most importantly connect with wonderfully authentic and like minded women! Allie is one of the most authentic, loving beings I know.

Allie and the team facilitated countless transformational learning experiences for us. Overtime I began to learn to love myself more , trust myself more and use my own intuition. 


I enjoyed this group experience so much that I’ve now signed up for a six month mastermind course with Allie and Ashley ! 

You ARE very much on time!

I look forward to meeting you! 


 - Lori M. - 


More Infinitely Wise Woman Experience Love Notes

Signing up for Infinitely Wise Woman was the best give I gave to myself in a long time!

Kate C - testimonial for Infinitely Wise Woman

I have been on my spiritual journey for a while now, but I found myself constantly seeking for the answers outside of myself.  I wanted a reading from a psychic, more tarot cards, someone to help me communicate with my guides or any insight strangers were willing to share with me. 

I was constantly searching and not finding the answer.  

When I discovered Allie and I began watching her lives I was instantly drawn in by her energy.  The way Allie communicated with Spirit and the A-Team with such ease made me want to know more!  After a few chats with Allie I signed up for IWW.

Infinitely Wise Woman helped me find the answers I was looking for by helping me TRUST myself.

The answers are within. I am fully capable of communicating with spirit and my guides.  I needed to learn to trust myself.   

Infinitely Wise Woman is a beautiful space full of supporting women that allows you to explore your own infinite wisdom.  Learning to channel in a fun and safe space is an added bonus that makes life more interesting.

Realizing that you are a powerful being, who is connected to source and the entire human collective is life changing.

Infinitely Wise Woman has given me trust and confidence in all that I do.  I no longer look for outside approval or second guess all of my decisions.  I am now 100% confident relying on my own infinite wisdom! 

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of such a beautiful group of wise souls.

 - Kate C., Infinitely Wise Woman Experience Member -


Wise Women On The Rise


When I  joined IWW was already very connected, I was already channeling spirit in mediation but I very much was just doubting myself and what was coming through.

This program not only helped me believe in myself and my abilities, it strengthen them and helped me to see that we all receive differently.

I loved the group interaction towards the end and being pushed out of my comfort zone.
I also made some beautiful friendships.

 - Intuitive life & business coach & Healer,
Johanna Burkhardt - 


I would highly recommend working with Allie. 

She brings an insane amount of compassion and wisdom to her work. 

The investment made has been worth every penny and then some, and I am extremely thankful for making the decision to start working with her.

 - Heather Z. -