Purpose, Clarity, Confidence, Direction

It's what we all want. 

And connecting with your spiritual guides and loved ones can help!

Book a private reading and get your burning questions answered so you can move forward.

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Every reading is different because every person I work with is unique. Feel free to come open to any messages that come through, or have specific questions prepared. 

Either way, we'll have information and guidance to support you!

Get ready for LOTS of "ah-ha moments", some laughs, and some amazing direction.


Who's Chatting With You In A Reading?

Well, there's me, Allie! I'm a clear conduit channel, and psychic-medium. I also am an intuitive life and business coach providing very intuitive guidance by my clients, through private sessions and group sessions. I LOVE to also teach people how to open their gifts and create thriving businesses! Intuition is your greatest superpower and we ALL have it.

I'm also a mama and outdoor junkie - I love to hike, play, and to make this FUN! So expect laughs and smiles even when we have serious moments. 

I can receive messages and talk with "messengers" in a multitude of ways - through seeing the beings, seeing images that they show me, hearing them talk, feeling sensations and other ways as well. When I call them in, I sort of step out, and I share EXACTLY what they are saying to me, without cutting anything out or tweaking anything. 

It is crucial to me to have the messages be verbatim from the guides or your loved ones, if possible.


What Might Happen In A Reading?

 - You can come with specific questions, or open to receive any info. You can come with an intention to talk about one area - like getting a business reading, or relationship reading, but just know that if your Team or Loved Ones have other things they want to share, they will share them with you through me. And that is because they know what will server your best and highest right now. Cool?

 - You do NOT have to share any info with me before our reading. If you want to, great. However, I don't need any information prior to the session to have messages come through. I trust you and your spiritual teams and loved ones :)

 - As we hop on our reading, I call in your Team (your Spirit Team of guides), and any loved ones for you who want to say hello and share their spiritual wisdom and guidance with you! Their afterlife perspective is full of love and light, and it's like SOLID GOLD in your hands. You can rely on them to guide you, but it's up to you to choose what you do with the information you receive. 

 - I've had loved ones come through to share special messages directly or in unique ways - through songs, images, literal voices and direction, or feelings and sensations. It's up to them how they would like to share the message! 


Can you tell me my future? 

Know that guides can give you an idea of a potential outcome based on energy and where things stand right this moment... However, they don't love to make future predictions because of "free will" - the fact that things can shift and change at a moments' notice in the human world.

So the information they provide in regards to life path or circumstances come from them doing the best they can with the energy of the moment.

What they bring through is very accurate - but it requires action, patience, and a willingness to receive your own greatness.

This is an EXPANSIVE opportunity to transform your life and yourself

It can take you to amazing places IF you are ready to do so! 

30 Minute Reading:

$197 US

1-hour reading:

$333 US

3x1-hour readings:

$927 US


What else do you do? 

Outside of doing readings and coaching, I also channel many different beings from the other side, who have a lot of spiritual wisdom to share with us now that they have the beautiful perspective of total awakening and evolution of soul.  Some of them include...

 - my spirit team (The A Team - a collective consciousness of very high frequency beings who are pure love and light... as we all are)

 - deceased world leaders (Yep... I've channeled Hitler. It was magical... really!)

 - spiritual leaders and ascended masters (Ghandi, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Buddha, 

 - political leaders (JFK, Hitler... )

 - artists, musicians, painters (Shakespeare, Vincent VanGogh, Monet...)

 - celebrities (Audrey Hepburn, Paul Walker, Heath Ledger, Patrick Swayze...)

 - scientists and innovators (Napoleon Hill, Albert Einstein, Freud, Carl Jung...)

 - movement makers and change agents (MLK Junior, Princess Diana...)

 - collective consciousnesses (The A Team, Ananda, The Sophias, The Christ Consciousness, Gaia, Archangels)

You can check out those LIVE videos and several of the past recordings in my FREE Facebook Group here. (And get access to exclusive channelings, Wine + Woo Small Group Readings Nights, Masterclasses and more in my online Intuitive Soul Collective Membership Tribe here.)



*We are not responsible for any actions you take (or don't take) as a result of the reading. The responsibility is yours. 

*This is not a replacement for medical or psychological or any other advice. I'm not a medical professional and will NOT answer medical questions.